Facility & Meals


30 guests, 8 rooms
Traditional Japanese style guest rooms
4 rooms
Western style guest rooms
2 rooms
Rooms that Western and traditional Japanese styles are combined
2 rooms
Dining room, grand hall with stage, bathroom

Japanese style guest rooms

Western and Japanese style guest rooms

Grand hall with stage

Dining room



Optional meals (Tax included)

Dinner set (2,000yen)
Simmered dishes are main.

Breakfast (1,000yen)
A. Japanese style (Coffee will be served together with)
B. Western style (Coffee will be served together with)

These meals will be served with optional charges. Please choose one from either, and write your choice in comment field of booking form.

Nikko Hot spa, Johsyu-ya Inn
Postal code: 321-1402
Nakahatsuishi 911, Nikko, Tochigi, Japan
TEL: 81-288-54-0155 FAX: 81-288-53-2000